An e-commerce report by Postis & InsightOut Analytics

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Get insights based on over 15 million clicks and half a million orders, analyzing client behavior from the first click to delivering the product at their door.

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Roundtable with Flanco, Cărturești, NeaKaisa, GPeC, Postis, and InsightOut Analytics

See the world through your customers' eyes and gain insights into:

  • What traffic sources bring the highest quality visitors with higher AOV and lower refusal rates at delivery
  • How the popular cash-on-delivery option is linked to conversions and refusal rates
  • The impact that well-placed product recommendations have on conversion and repeat visitors

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Removing guesswork from the equation

The magnitude and scope of this study make it the first of its kind for the Romanian e-commerce market.

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Since 2016, Postis disrupts traditional ways in logistics, retail, and eCommerce by developing new industry standards to the benefit of tomorrow's retailers and shoppers from Romania and CEE, through the power of AI, data science, and machine-learning algorithms.

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InsightOut Analytics is a data science, machine learning, and AI company focusing on the eCommerce, Internet, and Media verticals. InsightOut Analytics’ offering includes augmented analytics, recommendation engines, search engines, churn prediction, and ads optimization, as well as data warehousing.

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